Friday, March 27, 2009

The Uncommitted Pundit

The title of choice for this blog was the Lazy Pundit. It should have been no surprise to this correspondent that it was a title already taken. And why not? With consideration it became apparent that punditry and laziness are synonymous. Isn't the energetic pundit considered an academic? The academic requires research, study, and careful annotation in the development of an argument. The pundit does not.

For the pundit, logic and consistency are largely optional, and there is no accountability in opinion. Credentials offer more amplification than gravity. The artful turn of phrase makes the argument. Or perhaps it is the sheer outrageousness of the position. Whichever.

So as a "feed the mayo to the tuna" idea guy, laziness is given. So it is the Uncommitted Pundit. Commitment is unnecessary in the beginning, when obscurity is certain, and there is comfort in the mirage of Internet anonymity.

1 comment:

  1. Lazy doesn't really suit you, anyway.

    I also have a friend called Nimble Pundit.